SVARTÁRKOT CULTURE – NATURE (SCN) is a multidisciplinary programme focusing on the diverse relations between humans and nature inspired by the environment and cultural heritage of the Bárðardalur valley and Lake Mývatn region in northern Iceland.

SCN disseminates knowledge gained in ambitious and innovative research projects, in cooperation with the local population. The programme offers unique learning experiences combining high-quality academic courses grounded in the local landscapes and cultural history. 


July 29th to August 10th 2023

A 13 day immersive interdisciplinary summer field program held in Northern Iceland and Southeast Iceland

Co-produced by Svartárkot Culture-Nature and The Wright-Ingraham Institute

“Breaking down dualisms between nature and culture and integrating the relationships between humans and nature under the umbrella of the Environmental Arts & Humanities”

The course will provide a unique blend of lectures and field experiences that investigate how cultural and natural histories are embedded in landscapes, and explores their entanglements with contemporary energy, food, ecology, economy, and policy concerns.

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Past Courses

SCN has held 6 annual academic courses, one course in 2007 and two in 2009, 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2021).