“Breaking down dualisms between nature and culture and integrating the relationships between humans and nature under the umbrella of the Environmental Arts & Humanities”


Svartárkot Culture-Nature and the Wright-Ingraham Institution are proud to present the 2023 Icelandic Field Stations Program!

It is a co-produced 13 day summer workshop that will provide a unique blend of lectures and field experiences to investigate how cultural and natural histories are embedded in landscapes, and explore their entanglements with contemporary energy, food, ecology, economy, and policy concerns.

The course connects local studies to issues of global relevance, with a particular focus on the scenic Lake Mývatn area, the Bárðardalur valley on the banks of the glacial Skjálfandafljót River with its magnificent waterfalls in the northeast of the country, and the Vatnajökull Glacier area near Höfn in Hornafjörður in the southeast.

The program is intended for scholars, post-graduates, doctoral and graduate students from all fields, seeking new insights and inspirations in post-and transdisciplinary methods through a unique site-specific curriculum.

Program contributors include leading Icelandic scholars, fellows, community leaders and international guest contributors.

Sound interesting? Read more about the course, take a closer look at the curriculum, find out about logistics and costs, get to know the organisers, and lastly, send in your application before February 15th 2023!

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