Icelandic Field Stations 2023 is co-organised by: Svartárkot Culture-Nature (SCN) Project, Wright-Ingraham Institute, and Hólar University, with co-operation with the Icelandic Museum of Natural History; the City University of New York; the Stefansson Arctic Institute; the Humanities for the Environment (HfE) Circumpolar Observatory; NABO (The North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation); NIES (The Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies); BifrostOnline, and the Circumpolar Networks case of IHOPE (the Integrated History and Future of People on Earth), a core project of Future Earth.

The course is based primarily on the ongoing work of a team investigating long-term human ecodynamics and environmental change in the Lake Mývatn area and draws on the US National Science Foundation-funded project, Investigations of the Long-term Sustainability of Human Ecodynamic Systems in Northern Iceland (MYSEAC), and RANNÍS (Research Council of Iceland). Senior researchers from these projects, along with a senior researcher at the University of Iceland’s Research Centre in Hornafjörður and interdisciplinary scholars from the US, will lecture in-person during intensive daily sessions, and be available to advise and mentor participants in specific areas. A range of virtual and hybrid presentations with leading international scholars will also be scheduled.

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